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Data processing

First you have the possibility to select where we can store your data. Do you want to prepare an online comp card parallel to the internal processing so that you can present yourself directly to our customers as well?

The following information is published in the online comp card: Stage name, photo(s), area of activity, first number of your postal code, references, experience level, “about” text

Yes, I would like to have an Online-Comp-Card.
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Here you can present yourself to the visitors of our web site with a personal text and advertise for your work.

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Here you can upload a close?up and up to four other action photos of yourself.

Please note:
- The photos must not show any third parties and may not infringe on any copyrights or personal rights!
- Please choose only photos showing a professional appearance of you.
- Upload your pictures in a square format of 1 MB and 750 x 750 pixels maximum (250 x 250 minimum) - otherwise it may cause distortions on your online comp card and not give a favourable impression of you. Therefore, we will not publish photos not uploaded in the prescribed format!!


General Terms and Conditions / Privacy

I hereby guarantee that the information given by me was given to the best of my knowledge. Furthermore, I guarantee that the data/photos transmitted from me to Marketing StylZ do not show any third parties and do not infringe on any copyrights or personal rights. If there are any changes in the future, the data submitted by me will be updated immediately.

Editing or deleting my profile is possible any time and without giving reasons. I am aware that part of my information is published on the web site if I decide to have an online comp card. On principle, Marketing StylZ is allowed to transmit my information to (potential) customers ? however, publication on external web sites requires my prior consent. I guarantee to treat confidentially all information received by me ? including but not limited to trade and business secrets of Marketing StylZ and its customers. Directly contacting the customers of Marketing StylZ is admissible only after receiving Marketing StylZ's written consent. I am aware that there is no procurement guarantee and no compulsion to accept (the projects presented to me). Therefore, future details will be set down at the time of upcoming procurement only in form of an individual commission. The agency's domicile shall be the place of jurisdiction.